NEON "Live In The Cellars Of Nex-us" TAPE

NEON "Live In The Cellars Of Nex-us" TAPE

Bellicose Records
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Recorded live at the homie house, March 25th 2023
during a benefit gig for Defend the Atlanta Forest
Duval County, Florida

N.E.0.N. is:
Sky (of Sweater) - vox & guitar
Sawggy (of Sourpuss and The Cujo Bronson Band) - bass
Nick W. (of Smells Like Paint, Coffee Stain and Group Suffer) - drums

recorded live by Tommy / Vulgar Productions
tape layout / artwork & promo artwork by Sky
edit/imprints by Tyler Barney
bellicose logo by Stacey Matchett

1) Pig Knuckle (Live)
2) I'm Fighting Skeletons (Live)
3) Yard-Sale (Live)
3.5) <intermission/smokebreak> (Live)
4) Shit-Kicker Heaven (Live)
5) Enter The Circuit (Live)
6) Mayport Mutants (Live)

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