Guebru, Tsegue-Mariam "Spielt Eigene Komposition" LP - Dead Tank Records

Guebru, Tsegue-Mariam "Spielt Eigene Komposition" LP

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A most unusual & stunning album. Tsege Mariam Gebru is an Ethiopian nun who has dedicated her life to helping others. She has been composing & playing music on the piano since the 1960’s. Her music is a unique mix of Western classical music in the vein of Erik Satie, Ethiopian music & Religious Christian meditation music. On this reissue of her first LP, originally released in Germany in a very small pressing, we find Tsege Mariam Gebru playing her own compositions solo on piano. She plays with restrained grace & purity. The record invites repeated listening well and is filled with spiritual warmth. We are very proud to present this LP – the first in a series of records we will be releasing with music culled from the monumental Ethiopiques CD series.

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