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V/A "Avon Calling" LP

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Absolutely essential regional comp from the last 70's Bristol post-punk scene! Originally released on the Heartbeat label in 1979, and featuring the likes of Glaxo Babies, X-Certs, Vice Squad, Private Dicks, and The Stingrays, Avon Calling was the statement of intent. Though Bristol is certainly not the first city that comes to mind when the term "British post-punk" is mentioned, the music scene there during the late '70s was stylistically diverse and boundary pushing. There's no better example of the fruits of that scene than 'Avon Calling'; from straight punk to pub rock, art-punk to dubbed out jams, this comp has it all. A truly unique collection from England's most underrated post-punk metropolis. Side 1: 01. Glaxo Babies - It's Irrational 02. Europeans - On The Continent 03. Private Dicks - Green Is In The Red 04. Moskow - Too Much Commotion 05. Essential Bop - Chronicle 06. Directors - What You've Got 07. Various Artists - Own Up. Side 2: 01. Sneak Preview - Slugweird 02. Stingrays - Sound 03. X-Certs - Anthem 04. Apartment - The Alternative 05. Numbers - Cross-Slide 06. Vice Squad - Nothing 07. Stereo Models - Move Fast, Stay Ahead 08. Double Vision - My Dead Mother

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