Toadliquor "Back in the Hole" LP

Toadliquor "Back in the Hole" LP

Southern Lord
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Eternally shrouded in complete mystery and anonymity, the entity calling themselves Toadliquor has returned with its first recorded offerings in over 25 years.

Violently bleeding out into the early-90s with their lone LP Feel My Hate - The Power Is The Weight - R.I.P. Cain, Toadliquor followed that with a few comp tracks and a single before completely disappearing into the ether. Southern Lord compiled most known recordings in 2003 on the Hortators Lament compact disc. Then, on the occasion of the label's 20th anniversary in 2018, Southern Lord released these recordings plus one newly received cryptic distress signal from Deep Space on the limited edition 2xLP set Cease & Decease.

And now, in 2024, Toadliquor return, to continue their decades-long onslaught of desolation, despair, and damaged vocal cords with Back in the Hole. Seven prize picks for the communal trough. Strap in and feed.

On LP and digital formats only. For fans with a penchant for pain, misery, and destruction.

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