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Sick/Tired "King of Dirt" LP

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Still playing tight and well executed fast grindcore with 80's thrash, doom, death metal and punk elements interwoven into the mix. Yet with all the posi print they get despite being a hard working band they're still so underrated, maybe due to the fact they're hindered due to work not allowing em' to tour a whole lot. It'd be nice to see that change with the release of this LP, which is without a doubt the best release these guys have to date easily and to be so bold one of the best grind albums of 2013. This will also come with a bonus poster insert made by Kirk and Adam J, double sided and perfect quality. This also is the debut record of new vocalist Adam Jennings, whom you may know best from Winters In Osaka. Adam's brutal vocals devestate on this more lo fi but still shining recording and the fact that Robert quit the band which at the time was a downer, was almost a 'godsend' seeing they got Adam to replace him and not slow down a thing.

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