Rudimentary Peni "Cacophony" LP

Rudimentary Peni "Cacophony" LP

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Cacophony is the second Rudimentary Peni album. Released after the band returned from their first hiatus following a series of personal events that changed the band forever.

The thirty track LP keeps turning heads 34 years after its release. Far from writing another “Death Church” the band embarked on a truly bizarre quest. To record an album based on the life and writings of horrors absolute king H.P. Lovecraft. A dense cacophony of total free songwriting. Dark, gothic, intricate, unexpected head-scratching punk. The short bursts of music twist and turn at every corner - the vocals are part classic Blinko and part spoken word, the guitar is full of distorted awkward tones and the every inventive bass and drums are locked together creating a truly unique album.

Cacophony is the benchmark of outsider Punk and the influence and cult nature of this album grows with every passing year.

This reissue stays close to the original version, with Nick Blinko’s incredible cover art, including a 11” x 11” 8-page lyric booklet.

True uniqueness. An outsider type of talent that turns out to be better than the trained musician because it’s too weird to live and too rare to die. The lyrics, vocals, and music are like no other; it’s an experience. For all its insanity one would expect there’d be affectation, but this seems to be a wild stream of consciousness with a pinch of spiteful humor. Cacophony is so groundbreaking, emotional, and strange it should be inducted into some sort of hall of fame.


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