Grimple "Up Your Ass" LP

Grimple "Up Your Ass" LP

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Red vinyl!

Grimple “ Up Your Ass” (GUYA) is a classic East Bay punk album of melodic hardcore, originally released in 1993 by legendary punk Photographer Murray Bowles and Eric Yee on their M&E record label. Grimple had recently moved from New Mexico to Oakland with a fast hardcore sound reminiscent of early song driven So Cal punk, but Their sound quickly absorbed some of the East Bay punk’s melodic underpinnings and shout-a-long choruses.


These Fifteen tracks are such brash punk explosions, super fun odes to punk, being punk and having fun. One of the greatest fusions of what would later be called pop punk and caustic thrash ever! Grimple came from a scene that spawned intense and Heavy bands Like WORD SALAD and LOGICAL NONSENSE, but found themselves Playing back yard parties and at 924 Gilman with the diverse East Bay Punk Scene - from the super punk bands like ECONOCHRIST and FILTH to catchy song driven bands like GREEN DAY and RANCID and Grimple just fused a little bit of all of it together in perfect balance. This album was recorded by Legendary Lookout Records producer Kevin Army, and was painstakingly remastered by John Golden, who mastered the original pressing. This new version replicated the original, in a 24pt Jacket with slight changes to the lyric sheet and an additional printed inner sleeve of band photos by Murray.

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