My war, you're one of them...
My war, you're one of them...
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Bosse-de-nage "All Fours" 2xLP - Dead Tank Records

Bosse-de-nage "All Fours" 2xLP

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Despite a number of releases over the past several years, Bay Area extreme metal band Bosse-De-Nage has kept a low profile: no promotional photos, no interviews, few live appearances. Perhaps they prefer to let their music—an intriguing mix of visceral black metal, classic early-’90s indie rock / screamo, and thought-provoking lyrics—speak for itself. Following a pair of demos (the first released by Agalloch / Vhöl drummer Aesop Dekker), three full-lengths and, most recently, a split with comrades Deafheaven, Bosse-De-Nage unleashes their deadliest and most epic work to date. Like the soundtrack to the ultimate mental breakdown, All Fours pushes the group’s trademark sound into previously unexplored experimental and noise territories. The album was produced and recorded by Jack Shirley, known for his work with the likes of Botanist, Burial Year, Grayceon, etc. It stands as a companion piece of sorts to Deafheaven’s critically acclaimed Sunbather release—a genre-defining work unlike anything else in extreme music today.

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