Basilantros "Grass Never Sleeps / Canned Animal" 7"

Basilantros "Grass Never Sleeps / Canned Animal" 7"

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Sweet and minty, crisp and clean, Basilantros’ first single delivers driving bass lines from start to finish, guitar riffs that are barely contained, and an upfront drum sound that keeps your attention and pulls no punches. Basilantros are a 3-piece Garage/Surf band from Pensacola, Florida, and this self-titled release contains two 45 rpm instrumental tracks.


Think Barracudas with a bad case of laryngitis meets an over-caffeinated-yet-still-functional Link Wray (with a rock in his shoe). Each copy is pressed on a limited edition run of random colored vinyl. Basilantros - Big Muff from Little Pensacola!!  

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