News 4.01.14

The Elsinores “Dreams of Youth” LP
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From Lexington, Kentucky, The Elsinores are real breath of fresh air from the harsh nihilism that has pervaded punk’s recent output. Influences aside – this is the pure, place-less, driven music of guitar, drums, and vocals. Influences as extrapolated from the recordings (via reviews) – Husker Du, Wipers, Lost Sounds, Echo And The Bunnymen, Wire, early 90′s Sub-Pop, mid-period Dischord. Listen for yourself…

Decades/Failures “002″ Cassette
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decadesfailuresdecadesVia Richmond, VA. The darker side of synth-pop, or the catchier side of 80’s “Goth” whichever you prefer.

“Decades/Failures’ persona is a blank slate on which you can pin dashed hopes, eternal regrets, and hopeless crushes, all the while dance, dance, dancing not to the radio but to a collection of lo-fi loner anthems eternally besotten with Joy Division, Lust For Youth, John Maus, and Cabaret Voltaire.” M. Moyer

Captive Bolt was on 89.9 WJCT’s Lost in the Stacks on March 27th.
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Thou “Ceremonies of Humiliation” 3 x LP

GDOB3-306P3P001 (1k1)

I’ve known Bryan since I released a CD for his band Dear Diary I Seem to Be Dead. Projects he was involved in would come to Florida from Baton Rouge with frequency. Thou plays doom, metal, heavy, slow… whatever. With over 20 releases on a slew of labels across the globe. My interest is where they came from and what remains the same. They are a ‘punk rock’ doom band. They are apocalyptically crushing. And ultimately politically and ethically charged. This collection will beautifully document all the material from Thou’s split releases prior to the Summit album. It will be co-released with Bloated Veins in Europe, and Vitriol Records in California.

Hexis “XI” LP

hexis live

Cold isolation. Frozen warnings. Hexis makes hardcore drained of machismo and the warmth of human companionship. There is no celebration, no brotherhood, no cathartic violence. Hexis makes black metal that pays no allegiance to deities or archetypes, black metal that is immersed in the foul grit of the human condition. All you are left with is your own pointless thoughts being battered blind by this overwhelming force of sound. From Copenhagen.

Floridian Winter “Transcending Floridian Sleaze” 7″

If you like raw DIY metal in Florida and don’t know Sam, you aren’t living properly.  He runs a no frills metal and hc punk tape label out of Jacksonville Fl called Primal Vomit Records.  In short, he knows his shit. He’s also a great musician and a fairly decent human being.  This record will be co-released with Sam’s own label, and another important Jacksonville tape label, Popnihil.