Wvrm "Can You Hear The Wind Howl" TAPE

Hand of Death

$ 6.50

South Carolina grindcore outfit WVRM's newest offering "Can You Hear The Wind Howl" is 6 pummeling tracks in just 10 minutes. Pro-dubbed and limited to 100 copies on transparent smoke tape with metallic gold ink. 

"Can You Hear The Wind Howl is extraordinary dark and poetic grindcore. The material is so rich with extreme instrumentation, vocals, and lyrics, that upon listening through the entire EP, one will only want more. WVRM show off every bit of their talents throughout all the material, unleashing a purely devastating and violent collection of music. Can You Hear The Wind Howl is the sort of raw storytelling and instrumentation that makes grindcore an art that taps into the darkness of human kind’s emotions.” - Michael Pementel (Metal Injection)

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