Wolfbrigade "Comalive" LP


$ 13.50

The 5th album from the Scandinavian hardcore steamroller with 13 new tracks of down tuned crustcore blasts. Their strongest studio recording since the excellent “ALL DAY HELL”, ‘COMALIVE” finds the band in peak form blending obvious elements of POISON IDEA, MOTORHEAD, TRAGEDY, DISCHARGE, and death metal. Formed as Wolfpack in 1995 by members of Anti Cimex(Swedish Hardcore), Obscure Infinity(Death Metal) and Harlequin(Melodic folk punk). The result was a mix of all style but with its main direction towards hardcore/crust. This lineup released 2 albums and a bunch of EPs including a split 7” with SKITSYSTEM until a new singer was found in 1999 and another album was done. After this the band decided to change their name to Wolfbrigade and has since then changed drummer in 2002, bassplayer in 2004, been in hiatus between 2004-2006 and released another 3 albums and a bunch of EPs.

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