Wilkinson / Kortland "One Scythe Fits All OST" 7"

Iron Lung Records

$ 6.50

The highest fidelity lo-fi synth driven soundtrack written and recorded by PIG HEART TRANSPLANT partners in crime, Greg Wilkinson and Jon Kortland. To say it's heavy and creepy is a no brainer. Are there slight moments of comic relief? Of course, it's a horror movie, duh. In true 80's slasher style there a small bits of dialogue between scintillating score tracks. Imagine listening to a mashup of Black Devil Doll From Hell (Chester N. Turner) and The Fog (John Carpenter) and you start to get an idea of the sounds happening here. Would you swim in a a pool where a dead body was found? We would, and we would listen to this while we were doing it.
300 copies on red and black marble vinyl housed in a beautiful full color pocket sleeve with merch insert.



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