Wake "Sowing the Seeds of a Worthless Tomorrow" LP

Nerve Altar

$ 12.80

Calgary, Alberta-based grindcore outfit, WAKE, has completed its humiliatingly devastating third full-length album, Sowing The Seeds Of A Worthless Tomorrow, for February release through an international alliance of independent labels. The band has also deployed the first single from the LP through an official video for the track "Burn Well," and has released that alongside word of their upcoming Trans-Canada Deathwish tour in conjunction with the album's release.

Far from being a grindcore band that fits any one mold, WAKE envisions the genre as a starting point from which to spawn their barbaric and completely unheard of sonic vision, made of savage aggression, void-opening dissonance, and spellbinding psychedelic dirges. Shards and splinters of black metal, crust, d-beat, noise, sludge, and post-hardcore will come at the listener like a firestorm, being hurdled at them with inconceivable violence, terrifying speed, and surgical precision. As the album unfolds, exposing a massive and oozing wound of dissonant and lawless horror, the album will reveal itself as a low-end monster that stands completely on its own, engulfed in the rising flames of a wretched sonic hell, and drawing precious blood from many different influences which reach far beyond grindcore.

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