Violent Children "Rock Against Spindlers" Tape


$ 6.00

Classic Connecticut band from 1984 that played raw and powerful hardcore with a heavy anti-smoking, pro-skating, and "hardcore pride" theme in the lyrics department. This is a collection of everything the band released.

Dave Rinelli - vocals
Mark Cassanova - guitar
Warren Kennedy - bass
Chris Goetz - guitar
Ray Cappo - drums

John "Porcell" Porcelly replaced Chris and Mark in September of '84
Bill Knapp (Reflex From Pain) played drums on the track "Live Free or Die"

From the liner notes..

"In 1984, Violent Children pressed an EP, 500 were made and almost nobody bought them. The punk scene in Danbury, CT wasn't big enough support such a project. And besides, everybody considered Violent Children a joke, especially the members of the band. Shortly after the EP was made, the pressing plant it was made at was shut down by the FBI for bootlegging. All tapes on premises were confiscated, including the master tapes for the EP. Later that year, the Children recorded the "Rock Against Spindlers" demo, which they gave away at their last show." 

This tape collects both these endeavors. 

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