V/A "Closer To The Grave - 15 Years Of Tor Johnson Records" LP

TOR Johnson

$ 14.00

"To celebrate 15 years of putting out records, we decided to get together a bunch of unreleased songs from some of our bands. Thanks to Keith Rosson for making amazing artwork, the guys at Sun Room audio for making it sound awesome and all the bands for being part of our family!!

Format: LP

Track Listing:
  Saint Jude A Mightier Disaster
  Tyler Daniel Bean Gardening & Everything Involved Therein
  Bloodpheasant The Field Where I Died
  Death To Tyrants Sparrow Night
  Furnace Blue Iberia
  Sea Of Storms On The Way Home
  Lunglust No Holiday
  Late Bloomer Don’t Save Me
  Aneurysm She’s Drugs
  Ratstab Get The Glory



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