V/A America's Hardcore "Volume 2" LP

Triple B

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these are pressed on heavy 150g vinyl and come with a 20 page 12x12" insert booklet. All songs on here are EXCLUSIVE and NEW and come with digital download slips.

Axis- "Moral Question"
Bane- "Satan's Son"
Beware- "Lost Cause"
Boston Mayhem- "Don't Belong"
Dead End Path- "Sistine Ceiling"
Disengage- "Apologies"
Expire- "Tucked Away"
Intent- "Blinded"
New Brigade- "My Problem"
Outcrowd- "Man Up"
Ringworm- "We'll Always Have the End"
Shipwreck A.D.- "Dive"
Soul Search- "In the End"
Supertouch- "About You"
Sweet Jesus- "Clocks Freeze Up"
United Youth- "Blind"

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