Trans FX "The Clearing" LP

Trans FX "The Clearing" LP

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"With a voice somewhere between the beatnik speak/sing of Lou Reed and the 'Let’s get out of this town' growl of the Replacements, TRANS FX manages to zero in on the gauzy, romantic guitar tones of the era’s proto-shoegazers, neo-psych druggies, and flower punks without waxing grossly nostalgic...Nothing about it sniffs of lazy 2016 throwback—this is the sound of studied tone and attentive craftsmanship."

"TRANS FX are Olympia’s morose, self-reflective retro-pop group du jour, each new record building upon the last in a way that many bands wish they could...I’m picturing CDs by Microdisney, Hooverphonic, Paul Westerberg and Lush in a small stack on a coffee table...[and] I might sniff some REM in their DNA too. It’s a sad record, as though TRANS FX want to exist in a world of beauty but are all too aware of the misery of reality."

the new concept LP from Olympia's sons of style TRANS FX...13 tracks that bring to mind Happy Mondays, JAMC, Live Skull, and all manner of late-80s West Coast genius

guest appearances by members of Milk Music, Sex Vid, GAG, and more

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