Clash, The: All the Albums All the Songs - Book
Clash, The: All the Albums All the Songs - Book
Clash, The: All the Albums All the Songs - Book

Clash, The: All the Albums All the Songs - Book

PM Press
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Hardcover book with 240 huge pages! It's nearly 8x10!

Established in 1976 at the fore London’s punk rock insurgence, The Clash would outlast their peers while creating some of the most influential albums in rock ’n’ roll history. Author Martin Popoff dissects each of the Clash’s ninety-one studio tracks, examining the circumstances that led to their creation, the recording processes, the historical contexts and more. In addition, introductory essays set the scene for the band’s six studio releases (including the double LP London Calling and the triple Sandinista!) and feature sidebars detailing studios, release dates, personnel, and more. Illustrated with rare performance and offstage photography, along with images of 7-inch singles sleeves and gig posters, the resulting volume is a fitting tribute to the foursome whose staunch political stance and groundbreaking amalgam of punk, rockabilly, reggae, and hip-hop earned the title “The Only Band That Matters.”


“While Popoff’s not afraid to share his bias—something that may bristle a few of the punk rockers who have strong opinions about what Clash albums are above reproach—there is no denying that he knows his Clash history. An obvious must-own for Clash fans, but a great read for overall music fans as well.”
—New Noise

“It is clear that Popoff is a fan, and he is passionate about his topic. The Clash: All The Albums, All The Songs is a brilliant book. Although Popoff is a writer who is more associated with ‘Heavy Metal,’ and not punk, he handles the subject admirably. And it is great, to see in print, someone else state that London Calling did not have any punk music on it (it doesn’t). Popoff has a beautiful style of writing and it makes reading the book more enjoyable. This is an essential read for any Clash fan as they will love the stories that go along with each album.”
—Spill Magazine

“Popoff has taken it upon himself the Herculean task of listening to every single song by the Clash from every studio album and penning pithy, insightful, and interesting mini-reviews of every tune in the Clash canon. Popoff’s critical appraisals of each Clash album are spot-on, rightfully lauding London Calling as the landmark album that it is while putting the critical confusion of Sandinista! into proper context. Popoff isn’t afraid to ‘call a dog a dog’ with his keen critical eye, either, dismissing the band’s final effort, the miserable Cut the Crap, as the glorified cash-grabbing demo tape that it is, or correctly surmising that the 36 songs on the three-disc Sandinista! could have easily been culled back to a couple dozen to create a more cohesive artistic statement. His deep dive into the Clash’s first two albums, which aren’t nearly as well-known stateside as the band’s post-London Calling efforts, provides the reader with a fascinating look ‘behind the scenes’ into their creation, as well as a bit of historical discussion of the social and economic state of the U.K. that helped inspire songs on both.”
—That Devil Music

“ obvious must-own for Clash fans, but a great read for overall music fans as well.”

“...the book’s real strength is the amazing cache of band photos—many of them live and not familiar—as well as shots of Clash record and single covers, memorabilia, ticket stubs, and show flyers. Overall, a good-looking primer on “‘The Only Band That Matters.’”
—Houston Press

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