Suicidal Tendencies "1982 Demos" LP

Suicidal Tendencies "1982 Demos" LP

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Awesome to have a document of the pre-1st LP Suicidal Tendencies demos. A little less metal and more hc/punk, but you can see where they were going with these tracks. A fun listen!

European import.
150gram black vinyl reissue.


A1 Suicide's An Alternative
A2 I Shot Reagan
A3 Suicidal Failure
A4 Memories Of Tomorrow
A5 I Saw Your Mommy
A6 Fascist Pig
A7 Possessed
A8 I Saw Your Mommy
A9 You Are Forgiven
A10 War Inside Myself
B1 Stupid Genocide
B2 Kill
B3 Pseudo Mom
B4 Two Sides Politics
B5 You Are Forgiven
B6 Burn The Constitution
B7 Kill

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