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Severed+Said "Pyrrhic Fortunes" Tape

Dead Tank Records
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A new tape Jacksonville's deep listening masseur, Severed+Said.  

A dark, pulsating basement lurk jams bound to the gracefulness of synthetic suspense. Suspended and encircling the weary with a doom that’s all at once impending and welcoming, even satiating the dancers among the dungeon floor setting fire to shoes on the black-eyed seance of ritual movement. Fans of Sand Circles, Robedoor, and Infinity Window rejoice! Severed+Said is back on the wizard-hymn grind, and the cocktail Pyrrhic Fortunes will be sure to do the trick, bending listeners’ minds like an enchantment that’s equal parts blessed and cursed.  Although a Not Not Fun alumni, this fine earful comes compliments of Popnihil and Dead Tank Records. 



Severed + Said - "Unknown Error" from Zane Hall on Vimeo.

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