Sete Star Sept / Godstomper split LP


$ 11.50

East/West Bass + Drums Test, right? Two bands from two different halves of the planet, both with the same premise: that bass and drums is all you need to make a fuckin racket.

Sete Star Sept are the world's most beloved, talked about, well-traveled, well-acknowledged noisecore They are touring Vietnam, Cambodia, and Nepal, where has your noisecore band been lately? They are on a worldwide mission to be "the most shit band" and this is yet another respectable step towards that goal. Piss raw grindcore/noisecore like you already know and love and have seen live a few times.

Godstomper are god damn legends. Brutal and heavy fast hardcore, elements of power violence and grind at play, yeah the recordings are great, but live is really where this band excels. An absolute mess, a total chaos, pure energy and charisma....very few bands in this world able to create such an expression. Truly magnificent and so very special.

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