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Samhain "Initium" LP

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As soon as the Misfits ended, gonzo-demon Glenn Danzig put drummer Eerie Von on bass and introduced the world to Samhain via Initium. Being a transitional phase between the cult phenom Misfits and the death-defining Danzig, remnants of both entities can be discerned within these dark grooves, as Glenn dyes his punk roots black. He's definitely running the show, welding metal to ever-maturing "Horror Biz" (updated "Misfits") on the eponymous and signature tunes. The bloody trio buries "Archangel" (originally written for Dave Vanian). "All Murder, All Guts, All Fun" swings as cool as its name. Initium is a gas: a monster mashing graveyard bash before the encroaching goth seriousness of the band's future.


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