Rouge "Ultimatum" LP

Rouge "Ultimatum" LP

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Rogue has a really amazing talent where he’s able to play around with any sound design and just roll with the punches. Everything he’s made, from “Moments” to “Rattlesnake” it’s all been a fantastic display of what it means to expand your sound.

This time he brings to us a new hit on Monstercat titled “Ultimatum”. You can really hear his iconic elements through out the song, and he’s always so great with changing up the pace. He never seems to make his first drop, or the following drops sound exactly alike which is very admirable. I love the small bit in the middle where track pauses for a and dreamy future break, and then the track works you back up to the magic of his mind bending electronic beats.. Rougue is truly a fascinating person, and I am so excited to see what he has in store for us all next.

Imported direct from the label in Germany.


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