Quod Massacre "Fait Accomply 83-86" Tape


$ 8.00

QUOD MASSACRE "Faith Accomply“ 83-86 official tape repress approved by the band members and Gvido Obradović of No Profit Tapes.

For those who are not familiar with the band, Quod Massacre's history began in the early 80's in the city of Ljubljana (ex-Yugoslavia) where hardcore punk and underground scene was highly prolific and had its steady grip and following. According to some enthusiasts, QM was one of the best things that happened on the ex-Yugoslavian 80's scene along with U.B.R., III KATEGORIJA, PARAF, TOŽIBABE, SOLUNSKI FRONT and a few others. During the 80's and 90's QM participated in many international vinyl and cassette compilations sharing their songs with bands such as Wretched, Raw Power, Funeral Oration, Mob 47, Instigators etc.

QM stands for melodic and deeply melancholic sound, strong and highly energetic and passionate hardcore punk with a large dose of sensitivity, originality and compositions that go well beyond the classic punk cannon. If you like good old 80's sounding hardcore punk, ex-Yugo punk and European hardcore in general, do not skip on this essential reissue.

Original tape that was released in 1986 is now remastered by Gvido Obradović of NPT and repressed for the first time in form of 200 pro dubbed tapes with pad print. Each tape comes with original A5 14-page zine/booklet.

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