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Plutocracy "Sniping Pigz" LP

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A small lesson for those who don't know: Plutocracy was a Grindcore band from Redwood City, California and a major player in the West Bay (Northern California) underground fast music scene. They existed from 1988-1993 and then reformed in 1998 to record this album to honor former bass player Dan "Zodiac Iller" Hogan who had sadly passed. This is a long awaited re-pressing of this album, unfortunately following the death of another of the bands grindfathers, Stinkweed. A legendary concoction of grindcore, distortion, gangtsa rap, and multiple screaming voices with violent references to cops, smoking weed, and mind fucking insanity. Band members went on to form bands like SPAZZ, NO LESS, KALMEX AND THE RIFFMERCHANTS and so many more, the list is endless. A now-classic foray into the demented heads of PLUTOCRACY, "Sniping Pigs" has stood the test of time where most other grindcore records of the era fall short.

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