Pink Reason "Borrowed Time" 7"

Fashionable Idiots

$ 4.00

Pink Reason needs no introduction. Kevin Debroux's output over the last ten years or so has stood the test of time, and remains of consistently high quality. People bitch about how it took him so long to follow up Cleaning the Mirror, but given the toxic sludge of shitty indie releases clogging the internet and record bins, is it really grounds for complaint, especially when the follow up was as good as Shit in the Garden was?*

"Borrowed Time" is a scorcher: a blown out, amped up guitar riff and Debroux's signature drawl. "We'd call for help/but we ain't got a dime..." Amen, brother. "Scared Shitless" lacks the first track's drive. Shambling along, guided by a washed out drum beat, "Shitless" is a bit closer to Debroux's previous tunes, as he intones the mournful chorus-"paranoia, my only friend." But overall, this, along with "Desperate Living," is a lot faster and noisier than previous and subsequent PR.

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