Phobia "Grind Core" 7"

Deep Six

$ 5.00

Phobia are responsible for some of grind’s best album spines — the 100 percent accurate Grind Your Fucking Head In and 22 Random Acts of Violence being two favorites — so they’ve earned the right to cut to the chase with the title of their new speedy, seven-inch blast. Eight songs, nine minutes, no bullshit: Grindcore. Nailed it.

Of course, Phobia can lay as much claim to Grindcore as anyone in America. For nearly 25 years, vocalist Shane Mclachlan and company have taken a well-worn, classic concept and continued to revitalize it. The impressive part about that is Phobia aren’t experimenters. No, their grind is the same as it ever was: part punk, part metal, all pushed to the extreme.

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