Permanent Makeup "Taker" LP

No Clear

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Catchy as hell, one of my favorite Florida bands hit a new high water mark. The title track, Taker, is as thought provoking as it it catchy. This band is doing everything right. 

"While it's hard to place Permanent Makeup in a specific genre, the post punk of the late 80's/early 90's seems to be a great starting point. Sharp and angular guitar riffs are layered over an undeniably dance-centric rhythm section that feels like it's a constant state of movement and transition, coupled with shouted vocals that perfectly reflect the urgent and constant feeling of build up these songs manifest. The band perfectly nails the unabashed do it yourself spirit that can make punk music so thought provoking, and these are songs that will burrow their way into your mind and find themselves stuck in your head for days on end. Speaking of DIY, the band self recorded Taker, and the recording quality perfectly compliments the band's sound. Raw and unfiltered enough to fit the contained music with still more than enough clarity to take in everything happening." - Eliot Mayo / Toxicbreed Funhouse

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