Pembroke "All The Brightest Pictures" LP

Pembroke "All The Brightest Pictures" LP

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With an impressive pedigree of NYC veteran musicians, PEMBROKE’s energetic debut is brimming with melodic punk riffs, galloping hardcore, mosh-inducing breakdowns, a tightly wound rhythm section, and a pinch of DC post-hardcore flavor. Think SICK OF IT ALL covering RITES OF SPRING or vice versa.

There’s catchy, crunchy guitar work provided by Jon Biviano of the legendary SUPERTOUCH. Jamie Behar from SAETIA/OFF MINOR infamy manhandles the six-string bass duties, while former LYTIC drummer Frankie Zerilli covers all ground between a gallop and a mosh. The record is rounded out with the gruff commanding vocals courtesy of Ron Treasure from NYC street punk/oi band GUNS DON'T RUN.

“An interesting sonic stew that brings to mind everything from NYHC to New Wave of British Heavy Metal to Revolution Summer-like melodic hardcore.” —No Echo

"This one seems to settle in a bit more with each listen, and offers a curious fusion of influences that’s commendable in its inability to be pigeonholed."

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