Patsy "LA Women" LP

La Vida Es Un Mus

$ 15.50

After two singles on Total Punk in 2015 and 2016, Patsy return with a 7 Track Mini album on La Vida Es Un Mus. Patsy from New Orleans / Austin features members of Mystic Inane, but the connection ends there. This is straight ahead two chord rumbling punk rock with Candice's snotty and tuneful vocals. It's instant, catchy and has a real swagger. Patsy could have easily played at the Roxy and fitted in with the class of '77 or been part of the under appreciated Rip Off Records catalogue. (Sean Forbes) 

"Dynamite new batch of tracks from Patsy after their two excellent singles on Total Punk. It's easy to understate how simplicity can be the driving force behind some bands, and I really feel like simplicity is the key ingredient to Patsy's sound. There's nothing wildly technical or genre-bending about what they're doing, though you'd be hard pressed to find a band capable of hammering through these cuts with the same energy. A delightfully simple, jangly punk record full of snare drum shuffles, vocal snarl, and low end rumble. Ace stuff full of repeat spins." (Sam Richardson) 

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