Palace of Worms  / Ecferus split LP

Palace of Worms / Ecferus split LP

Crown and Throne
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Palace of Worms is a one-man black/death metal band formed in 2007 by Balan, who performs all instruments. Continuing down the dark path that he has previously ventured with releases "The Forgotten", splits with Botanist and Mastery (all on The Flenser) and last year's "The Ladder" (Broken Limbs Recordings), which ended up on a variety of "best of year-end" lists, these three songs continue to showcase Balan's black metal symphonies, with touches of death, doom, and ambient metal to create a wholly unique beast.

Ecferus hails from Indiana and is the brainchild of Alp, who again performs all instruments. After tape releases "Shadow Projection" (Foreign Sounds) and "The Tourniquet Hemisphere" (Black Horizons), we proudly present his first foray on the vinyl medium. Three songs that again continue down the path of unique inspirations and lyrical subject matter. Ending up on Invisible Oranges "Top 10 One-Man Black Metal Bands of the 21st Century" at #9, which noted his ability to experiment with his sound to create a truly special and particular brand of black metal that none can match or replicate.

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