Other Jesus "Everything is Problematic" LP

No Sun

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“Everything Is Problematic” claimed Aurora Dagny of Montreal’s McGill Daily in 2014. Across the country in Vancouver, the members of Other Jesus giggled as they read the article on the glowing blue screens of their phones and laptops. Later on they will get together, as they do on warm Pacific Northwestern nights, to unleash the impeccable taste of their creation on the tiled walls of a Downtown Eastside rehearsal space- the stoned smarts and squall of OtherJesus. 

Yes, good taste in free-form. Songs about cats sung with the intensity of a funeral march. Shrieking about eggs. The tiny guitars whining “Is This Punk?” And there is no good answer. Again, only the intuition of the aural artistes in OtherJesus will prevail. Squiggly sounds imbued with direct lyrical meaning, “Motorcycle man, I don’t think you’re cool…”. An image of a squiggle devoid of meaning, “My art’s been in Paris, London, New York..” Other Jesus will write an album of witty, anarchic punk songs for the world they live in, record it, and call it “Everything Is Problematic”.

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