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Old Soul "Tidal Lock" LP

IFB Records
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Old Soul is a five piece band from Muskegon, Michigan who formed in April of 2010. Old Soul play a dense, oppressive, dark, and haunting style of music that's actually quite hard to pin to one specific genre of the hardcore/punk scene. Musically, Old Soul borrows influence from a variety of sources including post hardcore, post metal, post rock, and screamo. I was originally turned on to these five dudes after hearing their previous two releases, which were 2011's Nature's Arms Encircles All and 2012's Who Are Willing To Draw Close. Tidal Lock is the band's latest four song LP, which was released internationally on four different labels that include USA's IFB Records, the UK's Dog Knights Productions, Germany's Dingleberry Records, Noreay's Listen To Aylin, and France's East Rain. On Tidal Lock, Old Soul have crafted an amazing album that's building, haunting, dark which gives way to an overwhelming wall of sound and chaotic fury. Overall, Old Soul have crafted a phenomenal album and the band is an absolute must listen for fans of Titan, Locketender, and Celesete. - Elementary Revolt

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