Nona / Peeple Watchin' 7"

Square of Opposition

$ 5.00

Socially conscious pop punk, solos like you would never believe and shredding beats. Female fronted pop punk. NONA cultivates a sound reminiscent of early Green Day and the Ergs! (only with lady vocals). These tunes are fast 'n' sugary pop-punk. Lyrically, they cover topics that at simultaneously hyper specific and universal. Peeple Watchin' lays down fome super earnest punk rock. Their tunes deal with homophobia and gentrification, and how being white can in turn feed into those problems, and how it's all a perilous cycle, and oh dear oh my. Still, the tracks have that Gainesville punk rock with a dash of melodic hardcore thing going, so props. Extra props for knocking out two LGBTQ-friendly tracks.

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