New Order "Grieving in the Shadows" LP


$ 23.00

Here's the much sought after transfer from vinyl of a misplaced New Order soundboard tape from their first US tour in 1980. The actual recording itself is slightly muffles in places, likely to distorted levels or poor quality tapes used in the transfer. It is not clear as to the lineage of the recording used to make the record, or in fact it's heritage.

The LP also features tracks from the Western Work demos. ,The key moment of interest is the unreleased track Hour (named as such in the Gretton notebooks), but you also get to hear early versions of Procession (with what sounds like Stephen Morris on vocals), Dreams Never End, Cries And Whispers, and Truth. I do like the ghostly drum machine version of In A Lonely Place, though the final track Ceremony only evinces why drummers should avoid trying to be lead singers. Historic stuff!

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