Never "JXDY" - TAPE

Never "JXDY" - TAPE

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NEVER is the project of Stefano Santi, a multi-instrumentalist and electronic music producer who has been active since the early 2000’s. After several years of working as an audio engineer and touring the globe with bands, he has always had a parallel life as a producer with a club affinity. NEVER began in his own SPVN studio during the pandemic amidst the isolation of lockdown. His inspiration reborn after abandoning all boundaries and giving little care to traditional songwriting structures.

The result is 'JXDY', the debut album which showcases the project’s diverse voice and technical prowess. Not confined to a particular genre, the release masterfully touches on everything from post-punk and shoe gaze to hints of death rock and electronica. From the opening strings of 'RXBT', we’re taken to a relentless world of shadows and bleeding emotion, which conjures nostalgia of days long gone while maintaining an ominous sense of future. From the euphoric, pulse pounding action of 'HVRXLD' to the utter heartbreak of 'CXLE', NEVER weaves in and out of agitation, rage and regret, fueling a fire that that continues to burn from beginning to end.

Navigating to the crushing 'HXRNE' through the menacing tones of 'BLVCKBXRN'until finishing things up with the heartbreaking, cinematic feel of the title track, 'JXDY' is nine offerings of uncompromising passion and pain, leaving a lasting imprint on both the mind and body.

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