Negative Approach ‎"Nothing Will Stand In Our Way" LP


$ 15.00

Compilation of demos, live recordings, and outtakes from 1981 and 1982. At this point it's incredibly difficult to keep track of all of the different compilations of vintage Negative Approach material that's out there, but this one undoubtedly has some killer stuff on it. The first known recording from 1981 is raw but surprisingly interesting, but the later stuff is where the meat lies. The Clubhouse Demo is pretty essential, the live recording from NYC's Mudd Club is phenomenal, and no one should be without these two outtakes from the sessions for the legendary first EP. I'm not really the type of person who sits around listening to raw demo / live recordings of old hardcore bands all the time, but Negative Approach are one of those bands that are just so fascinating that I want to hear absolutely everything, and really they didn't every lay anything to tape that was less than stellar, as compilations like this show.

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