Nausea "Condemned to the System" LP

Deep Six

$ 13.50

...the first full-length release from the grind/crust quartet since their 1991 debut Crime Against Humanity. And, well, as the economy continues to regress, they couldn’t have timed it any better, as such desperation and financial inequality has resulted in a serious boom of pissed-off bands.

Not to be confused with the New York City crust/hardcore band of the same name, Nausea have long been considered a deadly and legitimate force in LA’s underground extreme metal scene. Featuring former members of death-grinders Terrorizer and blackened thrashers Majesty, the band have a range of splits and demos at their disposal, and it’s from the latter that Nausea take liberally, reworking a host of old tracks to gloriously violent effect. With new bassist Alejandro Corredor (Pounder, Dias del los Muertos), new guitarist Leon del Müerte (Murder Construct, Impaled, ex-Exhumed, Intronaut), and a juiced production courtesy of North Hollywood’s Architeuthis Sound, Nausea’s return may be familiar to many long-time fans, but these re-imagined tracks remain no less devastating.

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