Misfits "Night of the Living Dead" 7"

Misfits "Night of the Living Dead" 7"

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By the summer of ‘79, The Misfits had already released three 7-inch EPs. And with a few line-up changes since their inception in 1977, the band had begun to cement their sound and image by the time Night of the Living Dead was released in November 1979. The now famous Crimson Ghost had been used on a poster for a show in Kansas City and had graced the cover of their third EP, Horror Business. And with a new logo, came a new look. The devilock hairdo, black clothing, skeleton shirt and gloves, and eye makeup were all becoming more prevalent (as can be seen on the back cover of this 7-inch). All of which had set the tone for their fourth release, Night Of The Living Dead.

While Glenn Danzig and Jerry Only had been there since the beginning, this was only the second release with Bobby Steele on guitar and Joey Image on drums (both of which would leave the band soon after this EP). Originally, the band made 2000 copies on black vinyl, but the record was a bit of an audible disappointment because of bad mastering. In the end though, the songs speak for themselves.

The A-Side featured the title track, which had more or less combined the sounds of the previous releases into somewhat of a trademark sound. The song started with pounding toms, raw guitars, and a ghoulish howl. And when the verse started, it was tough to deny Danzig’s vocal ability. Though the vocals were high and crackling, the power remained as he navigated through the horror lyrics with a smooth delivery. And as on most great Misfits songs, it was the background vocals that turned “Night Of The Living Dead” from a musically sloppy song into an amazing song.

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