Mind Mold "s/t" Tape

Sentient Ruin

$ 6.50

Pitch-black, discordant, and swarming avantgarde blackened doom metal spawned by the minds of Calgary, Alberta-based musicians Robert LaChance (guitarist of Canadian dark grind devastators WAKE), Will Bjorndahl, and Ryan Kennedy (of Calgary-based avantgarde grind anomaly Seminary). Mind Mold’s debut self-titled EP is a morbid study, excavation, and rupturing re-incarnation of 90’s noise rock, shoegaze, hardcore, and experimental metal, embodied as five tracks of mind-shattering and flesh-ravaging blackened doom - plagued by oozing striations of noise rock, industrial, and the darkest strains of hardcore. A dark and hopeless descent into total crush depth where the aesthetics and primordial intents of bands like Neurosis, Red Harvest, Blut Aus Nord, Today Is The Day, Rorschach, Jesu/Godflesh, and Swans coexist in majestic and torturous harmony.

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