Marriage Material "Making the Worry Worth It Part 1" 7"

Dirt Cult

$ 6.00

The crushed dreams, failed relationships, and lost opportunities all happened. Gotta move on and focus on something that makes you feel like your life is worth living. Gotta make the worry worth it. Life is stressful, fight the angry little troll inside of you trying to tell you you’re too old to go to shows and get excited about new bands. 

Marriage Material are three brothers all raised by their father who taught them how to play their instruments. Their message is one of acceptance and persistence. Their sound is the reflection of their personal taste in the many diverse sounds that punk has to offer. Bands that get brought up in band meetings include Hot Snakes, Fleshies, Radioactivity, Wire, and Toys That Kill. 

Members of God Equals Genocide, Spokenest, Pinned in Place, Summer and Vacation.

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