Left for Dead "Devoid of Everything" LP


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Hamilton Canada's LEFT FOR DEAD were a legendary short-lived mid-1990's hardcore band founded by ex-members of CHOKEHOLD. A couple of releases and a handful of shows the band vanished in a cloud of smoke and gave way to such bands as HAYMAKER, THE SWARM, COUNTDOWN TO OBLIVION, PICK YOUR SIDE, BURNING LOVE and tons more.

This is  LEFT FOR DEAD's entire 1996-97 studio output remixed from the original 1/4" multi-track reels by Kevin Bernsten/Developing Nations and mastered by James Plotkin.  'Devoid Of Everything'  Includes all the tracks from the 'buzzsaw' split 12" w/ACRID, the split 7" w/ OCHRE and a never before heard bonus track.


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