Last Chaos "No" LP

Last Chaos "No" LP

Televised Suicide
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Australian import.

Last Chaos play straight-forward hardcore punk, veering into Finnish/Japanese/d-beat-y/raw punk-y territory of songwriting but without becoming an overt genre-exercise, saved by a compelling style of riff-crafting that is both familiar and distinct, sometimes rocking with an energetic swagger and sometimes lurching forward with a forlorn stomp. The playing is tight, with booming and driving drums propelling everything with a satisfying momentum, guitars with just the right amount of fuzz captured with a strong and clear production that keeps everything at a maximum power

The final recorded output from Brisbane’s lizard worshipper, LAST CHAOS, 4 tracks on a single sided 12 “, red vinyl with the infamous peace bomb logo screen printed on the B side, we spared no expense on this jam.


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