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Jerry's Kids "Is This My World?" LP

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“I first heard this record while hanging out at some friends' apartment. We were sitting there talking when the crashing opening of "I Don't Belong" came on, a single chord drawn out which suddenly stops, the drums lead a charge into the barrelling cascade of "I Don't Belong," a frantic, barely-holding-on anthem. "I don't belong here - and I know it's true!" Rick Jones croaked maniacally over the soaring chords. I tried to act casual and pretend like I was listening to what people were saying, but all I could think was "what fucking band is this??" By the time "Cracks in the Walls" explodes into "Tear it Up," no one in the room could concentrate on anything but the music. I ran out the next day and bought this record and it is still one of the best I've ever heard. Jerry's Kids combine the best things about punk and hardcore without being either too snotty or too tough. The thing that really puts Jerry's Kids above other bands for me is Brian Betzger's drumming, which is all over the place without missing a beat. They also manage to pull of one of the best and most unique slower songs of this period of hardcore. "Raise the Curtain" is dark and moody rather than plodding along like most early hardcore slow jams. This is an example of a more melodic approach to the genre that really works. Flip to side B and it's back to the blitzkreig with one of JK's more political songs ("Vietnam Syndrome") along with five more classics. It's no wonder people are always going nuts in pictures of Jerry's Kids shows. This is one of the best full lengths ever made by a hardcore band.” -


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