Integrity "Live: Brooklyn, NYC 2022" LP

Integrity "Live: Brooklyn, NYC 2022" LP

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On November 26th in the year 2022 INTEGRITY played a sold out show in Brooklyn, NYC. An audience of 1.000 people enjoyed the bands setlist which was:

🗡 Vocal Test

🗡 Hollow

🗡 Psychological Warfare

🗡 Sarin

🗡 Hymn for the Children of the Black Flame

🗡 Taste My Sin

🗡 Incarnate 365

🗡 Abraxas Annihilation

🗡 Systems Overload

🗡 Diseased Prey Within Casing (Intro)

🗡 Judgement Day All Death Is Mine

🗡 Micha: Those Who Fear Tomorrow

🗡 Jagged Visions of True Destiny

🗡 Hybrid Moments (The Misfits)

INTEGRITY delivered a powerful set packed with songs of the bands long history and closed it with a classic Misfits cover. The line-up behind mastermind

🎤 Dwid Hellion (Vocals & Noise) is:

🎸 Francis O'Kane (Bass)

🎸 Cody Bowen (Lead Guitar)

🎸 Justin Ethem (Guitar)

🥁 Camille Gaudou (Drums)

Artwork done by Dwid Hellion
Mastering by Arthur Rizk
Audio Source by Anthony Michael Morone
Live photographs by Tomoko Inoue & Laurie Kominsky

Backbite Records is proud to release this live album in cooperation with INTEGRITY on vinyl for the first time ever. The total pressing amount is 200x pink, 200x white/black marbled. For the die-hard fans we have /20 testpressings up for sale which come with a screenprinted sleeve and handnumbering out of 20.

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