Horsewhip "Consume and Burn" LP

Horsewhip "Consume and Burn" LP

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Spawned in the dark swamp-scapes of Tampa Bay, Horsewhip has established itself as one of the most formidable and heaviest underground acts in hardcore. The environment that shaped them resonates in their sound – dark, ugly and furious.

Their new full-length LP Consume and Burn is an uncompromising sonic odyssey. Horsewhip merges together the darkest corners of hardcore punk, screamo, and metal into their own vision of annihilation. Comprised of members of Reversal of Man, Combatwoundedveteran, Sutek Conspiracy and a myriad of other acts, it’s an album that shows the band’s pedigree in writing heavy music. But more than anything, there’s a clear hunger to push the genre forward with each song.

Horsewhip shows moments of dissonance and unexpected beauty amid the oppressive weight of their sound. Songs like “Buried” offer brief respites of melody to create a forlorn sense of dread before redoubling their efforts. The aptly titled “Pain” shows its subject matter through multiple lenses, opening with a reflective riff before plummeting into breakneck speeds and full-throated chaos. Their strength lies in the raw, unadulterated fury that few can truly tap into.

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