Hexer "Cosmic Doom Ritual" LP


$ 15.50


Doom metal has come a long way since the early work of Candlemass and Witchfinder General. Many a more or less successful fusion has been undertaken, most notably the very successful doom/death mish-mash, but also other mixed class genres have had their successful representatives. Hexer belong to this latter category, since on Cosmic Doom Ritual they nominally play a combination of black and doom metal.

In all honesty, the black metal is quite toned down. There are the odd riffs, and a few faster-paced parts, but there are other genres filtering into the mix that take up a lot more space. The basic musical landscape consists of slow, slow doom metal, with bizarre melodies played on massively down tuned guitars, coupled with stoner and experimental stuff. The distortion is crushing, sometimes generating a noisy industrial vibe. An analogue synthesizer and a pile of effects add a healthy dose of surrealism and atmospheric insanity.

The mostly low tempo doom brings immediate thoughts of Esoteric. Hexer rarely go as slow as the British masters, but with the heavy psychedelia going on almost constantly the connection is still impossible not to make. The German origin and the blackish vocals, complete with a certain desperate sound, also make it difficult to forgo mentioning Bethlehem. These references only go so far, to be sure, because Hexer definitely have their own sound.



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