Hellbastard "Heading for Internal Darkness" 2xLP

Hellbastard "Heading for Internal Darkness" 2xLP

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A manic clash of guitars, bass and drums beating each other’s brains out in the same sonic bullring? Check. Despite already (if a little unbeknownst) being considered crust pioneers, by 1988, Hellbastard had firmly inserted themselves, even proudly so, in between a series of bifurcated genre schisms well-protected by those scene’s respected guardians. Their official debut, Heading For Internal Darkness no less perfectly exemplifies that schism. With Wendy V Gill’s haunted-cosmos monologues injecting some transcendental light into the neck otherwise being mercilessly ripped to pieces by Scruff and Scotty’s spaced-out vocal grunts, opener We Had Evidence to the equally arresting elevator-shaft-with-a-mind-of-its-own Death Camp to The Pylons whip up seriously dark whirlwinds into atmospheric dances of rapid energy and relentless spasms of spellcasting drama. Never mind metal, too punk for anything.

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