Hellbastard "Genocidal Crust: The Demos 1986-1987" 2xLP

Hellbastard "Genocidal Crust: The Demos 1986-1987" 2xLP

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Either intentionally or unwittingly this is a band experimenting with extremes. Formed in 1985 when Thatcherism swooped over England and scalped the North East, Hellbastard admit to being ‘’too metal for punk, too punk for metal’’, instead coining the term ‘’crust’’ as a way to feel at peace within themselves whilst simultaneously starting a sonic war that shocked the nerves into spools of frayed tape. With Malcolm ‘’Scruff’’ Lewty on guitar and vocals, Ian ‘’Scotty’’ Scott on bass and vocals and Phil Laidlow on drums, it was all captured with their classic Ripper Demo debut release in 86’. But really, it's all encapsulated right here with this reissue also containing the follow-up demo-lition from ‘87 - Hate Militia. Both are perfect ways to establish the nightmarish worlds, of death camps and dark sides, that wildly writhe within his group’s menacing worldview.



1 Intro...

2 Nazi Killed...

3 Massacre

4 Deceiver

5 Insanity


6 Death From Above

7 Life? For Who

8 Kill Or Be Killed

9 Outside Claustrophobia

10 Skag-Kill D-Pushers

11 And Nowwwww...


12 Intro (For Hammerhead..r.i.p.)

13 Conditioned

14 Nazis Killed

15 Civilised?


16 Hate Militia

17 Death Camp

18 Dark Side

19 Ok...Go...Napalm Death (And Now..Pt 2)

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